The Essentials Man Box

The Essentials Man Box

by admin
April 14, 2020
The Essentials Man Box
Only the best Men’s Gift Boxes.

As you might expect, a man box is how it sounds – a box containing amazing products for men.

We make sure premium products are different every month, from sweet as colour tees, a stylish pair of socks to mens grooming items, snacks and beverages.

So why do you need a man box? It’s not only a fantastic way to discover great new products and brands, but you do so at a massively reduced price. In fact all of our boxes sell for at least half of the retail price of the items inside.

NZ$5.00 (shipping)
Total: NZ$35.00
Over 20 ppl have Sock Subscription Box in there carts.
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Someone Just Purchased: Sock Subscription Box From Hamilton
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Someone Just Purchased: Manbox Subscription Box From Auckland
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